Your investment is in good hands, we've invested BIG!

In order to perform complete repairs on your crushing equipment we have had to invest BIG.  Our equipment is some of the biggest around.  Our largest vertical lathe can handle a part 20' (that's feet not inches) in diameter and weighing up to 250,000 Lbs.  Which means that a major repair like this 7' crusher mainframe can be accurately positioned, dialed to precise center location and machined to the correct specifications.  CNC technology on this and all of our machines, means that we cut straight and complex tapers, convex and concave surfaces and long deep bores and diameters with an accuracy that would be almost impossible any other way.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, the violence that it takes to crush stone and recycled concrete is imparted on the equipment as well.  Years of hard service eventually migrates this damage to parts of your machine that need bearing surfaces to make maximum contact.  Behind the wear parts that touch the rock, mating mechanical surfaces will wear to a point that a crusher has to be taken out of service or risk even greater damage.  We've seen it and we've repaired it.  By building up these surfaces with new metal (weld overlay) and then loading these large parts into our machines we can locate back to original center lines and critical features within thousandths of an inch before machining those surfaces back to their original spec's or to 'fit' to mating parts.  When it comes time to put it all back together, this accuracy means that parts will have the right amount of contact, bearings will have the correct pre-load and moving parts will be able to do so without binding.  This is the quality of a repair that often can't be seen but makes a big difference when it comes to service life.

Experience the difference working with a company that has made the necessary investment to control the rehabilitation process from beginning to end, we do it all here in our facilities where we can control the quality and the schedule and get you back to doing what you do best as soon as possible.

7'crusher mainframe turning 170823.jpg