We are the heavy Fabrication, Machine and Rebuild facility for many industries in the regional area.  We have done extensive work in large steel mills, tube mills, sheet mills, Pipe mills, aluminum plants, and scrap yards. PIW has experience from the Melt shops, reheat, cold mills, roll line and all other areas of the mill. With our 50 ton crane capacity PIW is virtually unlimited in the equipment we can fabricate or repair. (PIW has engineering on site that has years of experience in repair of equipment, modifications to equipment to increase the time between shuts, and decrease maintenance cost.)

  • Peninsula Iron works is the premier mandrel service center in the northwest.
    • Hot mill mandrels
    • Cold mill mandrels
  • Mobile equipment repair
  • Complete leveler rebuilds including upgrades for extended time between rebuilds
    • Cluster Mills
    • Storage between rebuild
  • Slab handling equipment:
    • Roll Line
    • Centering heads
  • large cylinder rebuilds:
    • Cylinders to 101+ bores
  • Coil drums: Hot and Cold for reversing mills
  • Drive line repair Voith and Morgan
  • Hot mill work roll adjustment screw and nuts
  • Rolls, manufacture new, overlay, repair
  • Bearing blocks manufacture new and repair
  • Chock repair:
    • Grind chrome grind
    • Weld repair and re-machine
  • Casting mold work

ROCK  CRUSHER REPAIR & Refurbishment


300 to 1000 hp machines

Crusher Work

Peninsula Crusher Works (a division of Peninsula Iron Works dedicated to crusher repair and refurbishment) is a leader in the Northwest repairing and refurbishing rock crushers and crusher parts. Customers send us their equipment from as far away as Minnesota and Hawaii.  Be it press work, overlay, machining or fitting parts, our on-site engineering staff will keep your down time to a minimum and make it cost effective to repair older machinery. With our machine shop and fabrication shop capacities we can repair from small to very large machines.  We repair crushers of all types, sizes and brands, returning them to better than new specifications.  Many of our customers experience longer service intervals and run times between failures after having Peninsula Crusher Works refurbish their machinery.  The advantage of using Peninsula Crusher Works to repair your equipment is that from dis-assembly to re-assembly and everything in between, it is all done in a controlled environment, with the correct tools and equipment to assure that everything is done correctly and in a clean space.  It is the difference between working on your car inside a garage vs. on the side of the road.

A notable project was a 68,000 lb Jaw Crusher made in  the 1930"s that was 78" wide x 42"  x 14 feet long that needed the original 18 inch diameter shaft pressed out, the housing machined for a new bushing and a new shaft installed, The bushing and shaft were manufactured in our large capacity machine shop using the latest in CNC technology to manufacture replacement parts to the tightest tolerances.  A small sample of the kinds of repairs we perform is listed below:  

Roll Crusher

  1. Roll Assemblies
  2. Big Housing
  3. Main Frame

Jaw Crushers

  1. Pitman Jaws
  2. Swing Jaws
  3. Eccentric Shafts

Cone Crusher

  1. Main Frames
  2. Head Assemblies
  3. Bowls
  4. Adjustment Rings
  5. Countershaft Assemblies
  6. Eccentric Assemblies
  7. tramp Release Systems


Shaker Screens

  1. Eccentric Shafts
  2. Big Housings



  • PIW Band Sawmill wheels
  • PIW Veneer Hogs
  • PIW Scissor Lifts


  • Hoover Dam Paradox Gates contract lasted 3 years. 1985-1988
  • 2 ea Custom welding positioned for Atlas Copco Wagner designed and built by Peninsula Iron Works, 1995-1996
  • 103 Tooling gigs (end user Airbus) 1996
  • 2 ea keels for a America’s Cup Boat. 1999
  • 4 ea Machine frame sections (end user Airbus) 2001-2002
  • Assembled crank shaft for a Ti DOM mill 2002-2003
  • Ongoing 3D machining for custom reform die since 1994
  • Developed and designed band saw wheels for sawmill since 1992
  • 2 ea2500 ton stretcher heads for Kaiser Aluminum 2011
  • Manufacture and assembled 7 crankshafts for small and large rockers for the Titanium Industry Pilger Millsover the last 10 years
  • Tention bolts and bottom platnems for Birdsbiro 2000 ton press 2013
  • Built in sections, a large diameter base for portable machining on a nuclear sub 2012


Peninsula Iron Works is the GO TO Company for Straightening and resurfacing platens/hot Plates for presses. Whether it is for the large old Washington Iron presses or the newer smaller presses Peninsula Iron works is the leader in the field. Please call if you have any questions on straightening or refinishing your platens.

  • Washington Iron presses
  • Smaller presses
  • Straighten bent platens
  • All repairs as needed and requested by customer
  • Customer provided with condition found before work is done
  • Customer provided with printout of flatness and all repairs done
  • Leak tests