Do your your rebuilt crushing components come back looking this good? If not, you should give Peninsula Crusher Works a call...

Crushing components have a difficult life. They get run hard day in and day out. Below is a good representation of the typical condition most Cones arrive to us here at Peninsula Crusher Works. The threads destroyed, the necks cratered out from removing liners, and the liner seats almost always out of angle. We take a lot of pride in sending out our repair jobs looking & working like brand new components. I think the saying "look good, feel good" applies here. It's the little touches like painting them free of charge before they ship that makes all the difference. Don't settle for rebuilds & repairs that are just "ok". Reach out to Peninsula Crusher Works and see how we can make your next project exceptional!

Cone Rebuild - side by side.JPG

Is my equipment beyond repair? You might be surprised...

We get this question a lot here at Peninsula Crusher Works and it's not a simple one to answer. There are a lot of factors that should be considered before scrapping a piece of equipment. What is the cost of rebuilding vs. the cost of new equipment? How long will the rebuild keep us operating? What is the difference in production between the rebuilt equipment vs. new? And most importantly; do we have a trustworthy source for the rebuild? This is where working with a partner like Peninsula Crusher Works can pay dividends! We take the time to learn each customer's unique applications for their equipment which in turn allows us to better weigh in on capital equipment projects. Most of our customer's see a 50% or more cost saving on rebuilt machines and components vs. buying new. Allowing them to allocate capital funding to other projects. The project pictured below is a great example of a machine that would be written off by most as irreparable. We were able to resurrect this machine for about a 1/10th of the cost of replacing the component. So before you send your broken down equipment to the scrap yard make sure to give Peninsula Crusher Works a call!

Pitman Rebuild Progression 2.JPG

New equipment doesn't always mean better equipment...

Peninsula Iron Works is wrapping the rebuild on our new/old vertical mill for our machine shop. Everything from the new FANUC CNC controller integration to the paint was done in house. Looking for a reasonable option for large machining equipment? Contact Peninsula Iron Works and see how retrofitting older machines can be a cost effective alternative to buying new.

Rebuild Progression.JPG

Autumn has arrived, Winter is coming, time for some rehab?

"There are only 2 seasons, construction and winter."  Those of you in the construction industry have probably heard this sentiment more often than you would like and bringing it up again is probably just annoying.  But there is some truth to these sayings.  Strike while the iron is hot or make hay while the sun shines are a couple more that we hear less often and I am now revealing my age by using them here, but they all refer to the same basic concept of taking the opportunity while it exists to be as productive as possible because the time will likely come that the work will be much harder to complete due to changes in conditions.  Winter can be that time for you to plan your next project and take care of some much needed maintenance.  Maybe you have limped your way close to the end on a worn out piece of equipment and though you plan on pushing forward with your work, now is the best time to pull it from service and return it to full function and capacity.  

This is Peninsula Crusher Works season.  Is it time to tear down that crusher that has worked non-stop for the last eight or nine months?  We can take care of that for you.  Wherever you are, send it to us and we will put it back to full operational efficiency, giving you the peace of mind that as winter settles on us, spring, or rather construction, is just around the corner and having Old Reliable, be reliable again would be a wonderful thing.  Allowing you to strike while the iron is hot and make hay while the sun shines.  Whatever condition your equipment is in, we can probably make run it like the day it crushed its first rock.  You got to knock the new off of it, let us put the new back into it.  Then you can have all of the fun of knocking the new right back off of it again.  Because after all, you are the do-ers, the makers, the builders, the people that get things done.


New Product - Peninsula Crusher Works heavy duty belt tensioners.

Here is the first look at the new Peninsula Crusher Works heavy duty belt tensioners. We are shipping 18 of these out to a mining customer this morning on a 5 day turnaround. We offer them in multiple styles, lengths, and material grades depending on the customer application. Give us a call 503-286-4461. (As shown made from carbon steel with 18" of stroke)


Innovation is in our Company DNA

At Peninsula Iron Works we have always been innovators.  A part of our history is the first successful chain saw.  Built right here in the same building we occupy today.  It was met with great resistance but like with most successful technologies, eventually it couldn't be ignored and the world changed forever in a small way.  The tradition continues with everything we do.  We are constant tinkerers and inventors and have rebuilt our machinery multiple times as we discovered new technologies.  From planer mill to milling machine, from hydraulic drives to electric motors and then to AC servo drives and ballscrews with CNC controls and a communication network to tie it all together.  

We haven't been in the chain saw business for decades.  We have changed with the times and the market.  The buildings have grown and evolved, but the old timbers in some sections are the same ones that were erected in 1917.  We have survived and rebuilt after fire tried to destroy the original building, which was much more common back then.  

We apply all of this history and knowledge to our daily work.  Knowing we can build things faster and better and constantly changing our approach to problem solving. We never say no to a project based only on its complexity.  In fact we gravitate towards those particular challenges so our portfolio and competency grows with each job.  Ideas are constantly tested and refined and ultimately implemented in our shop and on our customers projects.  Little by little improving our world and the lives and livelihoods of our customers.  

What this means for you is that when you partner with us, you tap into this innovative spirit and process and receive the best possible final product that can be delivered.  We do this, in the words of JFK "not because they are easy, but because they are hard".  Of course he was talking about going to the moon but the work that you, your company and your employees do is no less important.  The lives of future generations will be affected by the things you build. You can read more about our history and the history of many others from that era in forestry, in The Big Woods, by Ellis Lucia copy-write 1975.  Experience the innovation and results for yourself when you trust your equipment or project to us.

The first portable chainsaw built by PIW being used in the forests of the Pacific NW, photo from the US Forest service, also appears in The Big Woods, by Ellis Lucia.

The first portable chainsaw built by PIW being used in the forests of the Pacific NW, photo from the US Forest service, also appears in The Big Woods, by Ellis Lucia.