Peninsula Iron Works is Hiring! - Journeyman Fitter/Fabricator

Peninsula Iron Works is a looking for a journeyman level fabricator/fitter with the below experience. Offering very competitive wages, vacation, and benefits. 

- Min. 5 years experience in heavy fabrication.

- Ability to read blue prints and perform full fit up of complex weldments without assistance.

- Mechanical experience a plus.

 - Must have the ability to take on projects from start to finish including managing your team  members throughout. 

- Experience with exotic metals such as super duplex, Nickel, Inconels preferred. 

Please contact Blake Westling at or 503-286-4461 if interested. 

Dredge Head.jpg

Is that a brand new part?...

Is that a new MP800 head? Nope, just another high quality rebuild by the Peninsula Crusher Works team. This beautiful unit is ready to ship back to the customer and put back into service. It won't stay pretty for long, but I will guarantee that the customer will be pleasantly surprised with the condition it returns to them in. Just because it has been rebuilt doesn't mean it has to look that way. Taking pride in our process since 1917!

MP800 Rebuild.JPG

The peninsula Iron Works team is always up for a challenge...

Our team was selected to provide full disassembly, inspection, and reassembly of this very complex gear box, and we had one day to get it done. Our team was more than up for the challenge; starting at 5 am and had it strapped on the truck by 6:30 pm that same night. When the proverbial shit hits the fan, the Peninsula Iron Works team is the partner you want by your side. We will move mountains to make things happen for our customers/partners. Give Peninsula Iron Works a chance on your next shutdown project, and we promise you will see the difference. 

gear box progression.JPG

Providing design build services tailored to fit your operation...

Peninsula Crusher Works is quickly making a name for ourselves in the mining and aggregates industries. Our design build services are second to none. From chutes, hoppers, crusher components, structural frames, and more. We offer the highest quality fabrication coupled with market competitive price points. We take a great deal of pride in our ability to design equipment and parts specifically catered to people working in the field. We go above and beyond to make sure it can be easily and safely maintained. If you have an upcoming project please reach out to us. Let us show you the Peninsula Crusher Works way; we promise you won't be disappointed!

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A Break From The Technical Instead a Little Majesty and Spectacle.....

Usually we use this space to showcase the amazing capabilities of our high tech fabrication and advanced CNC machining facilities, but today with the holiday around the corner I am posting a couple of pictures of the bridge that casts it shadow on our building and has been our neighbor for 86 years.  Peninsula Iron Works was only a teenager then, at about 14 years old.  100 years later we are still here and the bridge keeps traffic moving across the river.  Bringing customers to us and delivering trucks loaded with completed projects to satisfied customers all over the region and country.  Of course there are other ways in and out and one of Portland's nicknames is 'Bridgetown' so you can imagine there are many other bridges across the Willamette River, but I would argue that none are as majestic and architecturally interesting as our younger brother.  Plus it just looked cool in the fog, and earlier in fall with the sunrise on the horizon.  Come see this piece of history in North Portland and if you are considering us for your next big project or crusher refurbishment, or it has been a while since you've seen us, give us a call and arrange a tour.  Let us show you what makes Peninsula Iron Works and Peninsula Crusher Works different.  Though we have been here a long, long time we are constantly changing and upgrading our technology and capabilities.  We are one of the newest, old manufacturing and equipment rehabilitation companies around.  Enjoy your families and friends this holiday weekend.  We will be back at it next week.  There is work to be done.

 Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

 Fall 2017

Fall 2017

Simply Crushing it...

The Peninsula Crusher Works brand is a fairly new introduction into the market place, but it has already gained significant momentum. It turns out that offering unparalleled customer support coupled with a very unique set of in shop capabilities is a winning formula. All of us here at Peninsula Crusher Works would like to thank our customers who have allowed us to be their shop of choice for crusher rebuilds, design build projects, and any other misc. repair/rebuild work. If you are looking for an excellent partner to support your mining operations please give Peninsula Crusher Works a call; you won't be disapointed!  

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