The equipment utilized at Peninsula Iron Works ensures that we can quickly and accurately complete any size project in-house. Our CNC equipment, in-house programmers, and highly trained workforce work together to guarantee that your machining needs will be met to the tolerances and assemblies required.

We have the following equipment and space available in our Portland, OR machine shop:

  • 10 Lathes
  • 4 Planner Mills
  • 2 Vertical Boring Mills
  • 5 Horizontal Boring Mills
  • 3 Radial Drills
  • 5 Bridge Mills and Vertical Mills
  • 1 Key Seater
  • 2 Lasers
  • Crane Capacity 50 ton
  • 20,000 sq ft / 1858.1 SQR meters



LeBlond CNC 64" Swing x 396" Between Centers
33’ Centers, 1 carriages, & 54”

 55” Swing over carriages

LeBlond36" Swing x 228" Between Centers

LeBlond 25" Swing x 120" Between Centers

LeBlond  CNC 24" Swing x72"  Between Centers

LeBlond20" Swing x48"  Between Centers

LeBlond16" Swing x56"  Between Centers

Monarch12" Swing x48"  Between Centers

J&L 20” Chucker CNC 20” Swing AB Series 9 Controller  Live Spindle

Logan 14” Swing x 30” Between Centers

Vertical Boring Mills:

Cincinnati Hypro CNC101" Swing x 72" Under Rail with two Heads CNC GE Fanuc 0i Controllers. LIVE Spindle

Betts CNC 244” Swing x 168” Under Rails 1 12” Vertical Rams. FANUC 18: TB Live Spindles

Horizontal Boring Mills:

Giddings & Lewis CNC “FRANKENSTIEN”  EMCS CNC Controller, Table Size 336” x 96”; Y Axis 174” Travel, Z Axis 40” w/ W Axis of 72” LIVE SPINDLE

Giddings & Lewis CNC 750-P-DiMIll CNC 9 Series Allen Bradley Controller, X=210”, Y=72”, Z=30” Stroke 72” Table with outboard support.

Giddings & Lewis 350T  5" Bar, 48" x 96" Table, 72" x 72" Travel, 75" Height, & Outboard Support. DRO 3 Axis

Kearney & Trecker #4 Model Number 410, with universal head, 20 x 72” Table. DRO 3 Axis

Cincinnati 16" x 72" Table


Radial Drills:

Morris 3" Arm 108” Column

Carlton72” Arm 180” Column with Pit 20'

American84” Arm 232” Column

Bridge Mills & Vertical Mills:

Gray CNC   FANUC OIM CNC Controller, Open Side Planer Mill CNC; X=168”, Y=42”, & Z=14”. 42” Under Rail

Giddings & Lewis CNC GE 15M Controller, 6 Axis CNC Open Side Mill; X=240”, Y= 96”, & Z=18”. 72” Under Rail

Cincinnati Hypro CNC Open Side Planer Mill; Allen Bradley Series 9 Controller.  X=340, Y=144”, Z=48”.  96” Under Rail

GRAY CNC   (YTD) X=432,Y=72”,Z=20” 48" under rail.
                                 FANUC OIM Control, Openside

Morey CNC GE Fanuc 0i Controller 3 axis; Double Column X=120”, Y=54”, Z=54”

KINGSBURY CNC GE Fanuc 21I Controller 4 axis; Double Column X=50”, Y=30”, Z=30” 24 Station Tool Changer. 4th axis.

Kearney & Trecker #312" x 48" Table

Cincinnati #3 12" x 48" Table

Cincinnati #416" x 72" Table

Excello CNC Allen Bradley Series 9 Controller 12”x30”

Kondia CNC Dyanapath CNC 14”x24”


Key Seater: 

Baker3.5" Capacity x 21” Stroke



HAMAR LASER  3 Axis Head rotation, 4ea Receivers, Mobile Palm Display, Flatness Program, Machine alignment Programs and reports, leveling and alignment of machines.

Renishaw Model XL 80 w/ short and long distance Optics measurements to 30 Meters (98.5’)

Rolling Stock:

GMC1ea19,000GVW 18’ Flat bed

MACK1ea24,000GVW 18’ Flat bed


OD Mic’s to 72”, ID Mic’s to 312”, Veneer to 84”, Straight Edges to 8’, PINs Gages, GoNo Thread Gages to 3” (PIW STD 2B).  All Mic Standards & Inspection tolling Calibrated Each November. 

On site Work:

Peninsula Iron Works Has Portable Drilling/Milling/Line Boring, & Fabrication capabilities for break down work or outside construction. 


Peninsula Iron works Fabrication shop is a full service shop. From building fixtures used in building Boeing and Airbus planes, rebuilding equipment for Steel mill, pulp and Paper, power plants or any other OEM or industrial end-users, Peninsula Iron Works we can handle your fabrication and assembly projects

  • Disassemble, clean, inspect and record parts
  • Engineer, reverse engineer, upgrade prints,
  • Prototype work
  • Overlay, build/replace parts. Upgrade equipment
  • Plant shutdown work
  • Disassemble, repair, reassemble all sizes of assembles
  • Press work
  • Shrink fit using nitrogen and heat
  • Welding
  • Submerged arc overlay – rolls, shafts, flatwork
  • Positioners / turning rolls for ID OD overlay
  • Burning
  • Rock crusher repair
  • Climax BW5000 Bore welder: capable of Bore Welding, OD Welding, Conical welding,  Seat Welding, andFace Welding. The BW5000 has 350-amp 100% duty cycle and is capable of spray arc transfer up to 12 pounds/hour. It can weld standard hard or flux core wires up to .062” diameter, as well as exotic alloys like Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel and Stainless Steel.


The compound is an area used for assembly and staging, with storage facility for large fabrications and longer term repair projects. It has room to retrofit large old iron machine centers being updated with state of the art Fanuc controls, axis drives replaced with ball screws, ways scraped, and all parts updated. Peninsula Iron Works partnership with Electric Machine Control System also upgrades newer machine centers with the latest technology. This area can be used as staging area ample room to store parts.